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Meet Nina Parks

Co-Founder of Stoners Party

Nina Parks, a game-changer in the equity world, has been on a mission for policy reform, education, and equity for over a decade. Her journey started in the vibrant streets of San Francisco, where she grew up surrounded by the unique culture of the city. Witnessing the legal battles her loved ones faced ignited a fire in her for making a difference.

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A Revolution for Equity and Opportunity

Creating Stoners Party was a natural extension of Nina's commitment. It's not just about boosting tourism—it's a rebellion against the industry's inequalities.


We want to unlock opportunities for budding entrepreneurs in the legal game, especially in tourism, giving a boost to their communities. We're on a mission for more than just great experiences; we're making sure everyone gets a fair shot at the game.

Nina's dedication has earned her a spot on
High Times' "100 Most Influential People" list.

It's a nod to the impact she's making.

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Get in on the action
and helps us build a future where everyone
gets a taste of success,
where empowerment
has no limits,
and where every person
can thrive.

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