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Take Your Event Up a Notch

Your Go-To Platform for Listing, Launching & Amplifying

Why List with Stoners Party?

Sure, you could host your cannabis event solo, but that's like renting your vacation spot without Airbnb.

Amplify Your Reach

Our platform doesn't stop at event listing. We have the power of social media amplification to increase your event's visibility. Target your audience via Facebook and Instagram ads with advanced demographic and geographic targeting to watch your bookings skyrocket with our promotional tools. 

Free & Effortless Event Listing

Drop the details of your event here and our crew will give 'em a once-over. If we give it the green light, you're in, and your event gets listed.

Secure Payment Processing

A convenient, seamless transaction for both hosts and guests.  A 2.5% service fee is passed onto guests, while hosts pay a 10% payment processing & platform fee, deducted from your payout after every event.

Integrated Ticketing System

Streamline ticketing for your guests using our all-in-one system; their tickets are sent straight to their email, complete with QR codes.

Dedicated Customer Support

We're here to ensure your event's success. Need more marketing amplification or assistance with editing your listing, coupon codes, payouts, or any other inquiries? We'll always respond to your emails.


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