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Elevate to Your Higher Self

An All Inclusive Wellness Retreat
in San Francisco with Nina Parks 

October 27-30, 2024

Elevate your mind, empower your future, all while having a good ass time.

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Your Host— 
Nina Parks

Nina Parks is more than just a host; she's a boss entrepreneur, a fierce advocate for equity, and she's got deep roots in the scene. Her journey isn't just about leading adventures; it's about breaking barriers, making a real impact, and changing the way we experience this incredible plant.


If you're ready for an immersive adventure led by someone who's reshaping the game, then you've gotta dive into Nina's exclusive multi-day experiences with Stoners Party. It's your opportunity to get close and personal with a true visionary and embark on an unforgettable ride.

San Francisco,
The Ultimate Cannabis Hotspot

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San Francisco's scene is all about merging culture, history, and innovation effortlessly. With Nina as the OG, the city's straight-up leading the game in policy, making it the chillest spot for exploration. The underground scene is poppin', and if you know the right people, you'll stumble upon some seriously fire experiences that are next-level.

Whether you're riding the wave of the latest trends or just kickin' it in lounges, SF with Nina, is where you wanna be.

Weekend Highlights

3 Days/2 Nights


You'll be put up for a two-night stay at her handpicked, favorite spots to stay in San Francisco.

Best of 

The Bay

You'll hit up the best local dispensaries, chill lounges, and her favorite places to eat when the munchies hit.

Nina's Exclusive 

Curated Events

Roll in as a VIP to one of her signature Hxgh Tea Parties, find your zen with a Gift of Doja yoga sesh, and find guidance through a tarot reading.


Your Mind

Ignite your inspiration in a workshop by Nina featuring a sizzling topic, surrounded by a community of like-minded enthusiasts

The Low Down

Day 1: Check-in, dinner, SF vibes

Day 2: Ganja yoga, munchies, exploration

Day 3: High Tea Party magic

  • Check-in to your hotel where dope vibes meets the heart of the city. A gift bag with local goodies will be awaiting your arrival.

  • We'll kick things off with a bomb dinner at one of Nina's all-time fave local spots.

  • Find your zen in a ganja yoga session to set the tone for the day.

  • Chow down on a bomb brunch at a secret spot Nina's handpicked. It's a culinary adventure that's all about those local flavors.

  • Let's dive headfirst into the scene – we're hitting up some seriously top-notch dispensaries and the absolute dopest lounge.

  • Evening workshop time, and here's the scoop – we're diving into what YOU want. Want the lowdown on the legal scene? Done. Eager to master the art of building a thriving biz? We got it. Ready to unleash the power of crafting your own personal brand legacy? You got it.

  • Wrap up the day with dinner at another local hotspot.

  • Get ready to vibe at the Gift of Doja High Tea Party, where tradition meets urban cool.

  • We'll dive deep into the tarot card readings for some guidance and major possibilities.


What's Included

  • Double occupancy accomodations in a Stoners Party vetted 3+ star hotel

  • VIP access to Nina's Hxgh Tea Party highlighting locally sourced swag

  • Gift of Doja sponsored yoga sesh & tarot reading

  • Trips to Nina's favorite dispensaries and lounges

  • Workshop on trending topics 

  • Open time for relaxation and exploration

  • Includes dinner on Friday, two meals on Saturday, brunch on Sunday. Non-alcoholic beverages included.

  • Transportation for planned activities included. Airfare, transportation before and after planned itinerary not included.

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